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STAND BY - 1986 - The band named STAND BY start to play covers Beatles and 60s year songs. We are only 3 members, Paul, Theo ed Enzo. 1993 - Theo meet Alberto. They played together with other musicians (Streamline, Tangerine, Brigitte Nielsen, Sandy Cambell) doing concerts, theatre musical and television show. 1997 BEATLUV were born 1998 released CD back to the 60s 1999 many concerts in Switzerland - Germany and France 2000 released CD meet the beatluv 2001 start the edition BELLINZONA THE BEATLES DAYS like in Liverpool. Guest star Gary Gibson 2002 BELLINZONA BEATLES DAYS 2nd edition. Guest star A.TAGLIAPIETRA (LE ORME guitarist)
2002 - 2003 the Band play several months to TSI Swiss TELEVISION 2003 BELLINZONA BEATLES DAYS 3th edition. Guest star Pete Best   2004 BELLINZONA BEATLES DAYS 4th edition. Guest stars Les Sautrelles e Tony Sheridan
2004 released CD maxi single 2004 september The band have a new DRUMMER named TIZ 2005 recorded CD to Abbey Road Studios and had a LONDON concert 2005 BELLINZONA BEATLES DAYS 5th edition. Guest stars Cavern Beatles 2005 big concert in MILANO city with many european's musicians
2006 BELLINZONA BEATLES DAYS 6th edition. 2006 Many concerts SIWTZERND and GERMANY & ITALY 2006 1 august with SWISS television (Sils CH) 2006 released CD Beatluv at Abbey Road   2007 BELLINZONA BEATLES DAYS 7th edition. 2007 We started to play concerts UNPLUGGED. 2007 june Last concerts before vacations ALPINO IRISH PUB Tesserete Was unplugged concert. All our fans surprised to listen us unplugged 2007 september planning a new CD 2007 September 24 Beatluv stop to play with this LABEL. Theo is dead...leaved us.... he passed away, So sad to say.... AL, PAUL and TIZ